Check out these Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about working at a Berkshire camp.

First, complete a short form indicating the camps and positions that interest you. Your indication of interest will be forwarded to each of those camps, and interested camps will contact you. Different camps have different hiring processes. A camp may ask you to complete an online application or arrange a time to connect via phone or Zoom. At some point in the process, there will be an extended interview as well as reference and criminal background checks. Once you have agreed to terms with camp, you will be sent a a written contract for you to sign and return. Click here to let us know where you’d like to work this summer.
Yes! We hire staff from all over the world. Our camps think it’s important for campers and staff to experience and interact with diverse individuals. We use international staffing agencies to help us process visa paperwork. Camps that you connect with through this site will explain the visa process in greater detail.
If you are 18+ years or older you are eligible to work at a Berkshire camp!
Yes. Staff at all of our camps have at least one full day off each week and one or more nights off a week. You will also have several hours off each day. On your day/night off, you can leave camp and visit nearby attractions or stay on camp and enjoy a range of activities.
Most camps permit staff to use phones during time-off. Campers at all Berkshire camps are not allowed to bring connected technology like phones, smart watches etc., as we promote and encourage personal, face-to-face connections.
Berkshire camp experiences take place between mid-June and mid-August. The campers arrive, spend anywhere from 1-7 weeks, then leave until the next year. Staff typically arrive one or two weeks before the campers for orientation.
Yes. Our Berkshire camps believe we are responsible to equip staff with as many tools as possible to help them succeed at camp. Staff training lasts between one and two weeks Orientation familiarizes staff with the surroundings, helps them bond with each other and lets them know the expectations and styles of the leadership team. Not only is it useful training for any walk of life, it’s a lot of fun!
Our camps are located in the western part of Massachussets. We are three hours north of New York City, two hours west of greater Boston and approximately an hour from Albany International Airport and Bradley International Airport, which serves the Hartford, CT/Springfield, MA area. Click here for a map showing the locations of every Berkshire Camp.
The campers range in age from 7-17.
The majority of campers reside in the New York and Boston metropolitan areas. At each camp, between 10 and 30 percent of the campers are from other parts of the United States and from all over the world.
Summer in the Berkshires is the most beautiful time of the year with typically warm days and cooler evenings. The Berkshire weather can vary, and there can be heat waves and rainy spells. Once you are hired by a Berkshire camp, you will be given a packing list that will include a range of clothing that will prepare you for all weather conditions.
Staff members should enjoy working with children and have a strong work ethic. Working with kids can be tremendously rewarding. It can also be stressful and frustrating at times. Staff members must understand that kids don’t always say what they mean and often ask “why” instead of saying “yes.” Kids often show their frustrations with staff, the same way they would with their own parents. At the end of the day, nearly all staff members leave the experience believing that it was “the hardest job they’ll ever love.”

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