Berkshire Soccer Academy for Girls, East Otis, Massachusetts

Berkshire Soccer Academy for Girls

East Otis, Massachusetts

Camp Lenox, Otis, Massachusetts

Camp Lenox

Otis, Massachusetts

Camp Watitoh, Becket, Massachusetts

Camp Watitoh

Becket, Massachusetts

Camp Taconic, Hinsdale, Massachusetts

Camp Taconic

Hinsdale, Massachusetts

Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts

Clark Art Institute


URJ Crane Lake Camp, West Stockbridge, Massachusetts

URJ Crane Lake Camp

West Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Camp Winadu, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Camp Winadu

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Camp Kimama Half Moon, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Camp Kimama Half Moon

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Norman Rockwell Museum


Camp Greylock, Becket, Massachusetts

Camp Greylock

Becket, Massachusetts

Camp Danbee, Hinsdale, Massachusetts

Camp Danbee

Hinsdale, Massachusetts

Belvoir Terrace Summer Camp, Lenox, Massachusetts

Belvoir Terrace Summer Camp

Lenox, Massachusetts

Camp Romaca, Hinsdale, Massachusetts

Camp Romaca

Hinsdale, Massachusetts

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, Lenox, Massachusetts

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac

Lenox, Massachusetts

Tanglewood Music Center, Lenox, Massachusetts

Tanglewood Music Center


Camp Romaca

Camp Romaca
Camp Romaca
Camp Romaca
Camp Romaca


P.O. Box 402
Hinsdale, MA 01235-0402
Phone: (413) 655-2715
P.O. Box 110399
Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211
Phone: (888) 976-6222

A strong sense of family prevails at Romaca. This allows our campers to encourage, support and fortify relationships based upon the simple fact that each of us has something positive to contribute. We encourage our campers to be responsible for themselves and for others through an enriched climate of an active, productive camp community. It is the Romacan philosophy that the camping experience should be dynamic, full of fun, and that camp should be a wonderful place to learn.

Camp Romaca is dynamic because of an active, many-faceted program that is led by enthusiastic, skilled staff who have a positive, forward-looking approach to daily life. The campers have fun participating in sports, running, performing, laughing and singing around a campfire and sleeping out under the stars. Camp Romaca is a wonderful place to learn because so many adults have the time, patience and skills to teach in its beautiful, natural setting, surrounded by excellent facilities

Campers are provided with the opportunity to learn and practice the skills of getting along with others, thereby finding happiness in-group living. A strong stance is taken against "put-downs" and the formation of "cliques" at Camp Romaca. Our older campers act as big sisters to the younger girls, thereby gaining a concept of parenting and fostering lifelong friendships. We believe that camp should be a happy place. We want our girls to be able to grow in all aspects of childhood. It is our desire that Romaca campers become independent, constructive and self-confident young women, able to face the realities of life, to handle success, to take and understand failures and to have a positive, healthy approach to daily life.

2024 Sessions

  • 7 weeks